26 November 2009 - 21:44#06: Remap Your Keyboard!

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In this episode, I’ll show you how to remap your keyboard and give you a couple of ideas on what functions to map to it. If this does not make you at least 10% more productive, I’ll refund your money.

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  • Lu Nelson

    Nice episode!
    I need to get used to using those tops and tails, they are powerful. Also I like the mapping of the F-keys, I have to look at mine again.

    My suggestions:

    shift-V and shift-B: insert and overwrite segment modes, since they correspond logically to insert and overwrite edits (in my mind)
    shift-Y: add edit point
    shift-U: “reselect last trim”, which is done by mapping the “trim mode” button with the “option key” button
    up- and down-arrows: REW and FF, which I carried over from FCP (prev- and next-edit)…

  • avidscreencast

    Very good suggestions! Especially FF/REW, which are not mapped to the keyboard by default — I never understood the benefit of the way MC does the “Go to next edit and enter trim mode”. I have them mapped to A/S, because I “grew up” with Avid.

    I wonder though, why don't you simply hit ALT-U to reselect the last trim?


    P.S. Top and Tail rock! :)

  • Lu Nelson

    Mmm, yeah. You're right, although option-U, at least on the Mac, has a funny behaviour: you have to hold option and hit U twice, to get back in to last trim. I read that about it before on Splice Here, and forgot. I thought it wasn't working but double tap works.

    I wish there was a way to map the number-pad keys though! And to control the option- and command- keys!

  • Marc

    Interesting and of course some things I didn't know.
    The right time to 're arange'my keyboard settings.

  • avidscreencast

    You're absolutely right! I normally work on a PC, so I never noticed that it does indeed not work on a Mac. Weird.

    And I agree wholeheartedly on mapping the numeric keypad and Ctrl/Cmd. Actually, the way FCP does it is incredibly powerful. Oh, well… ;)

  • Lu Nelson

    Another comment, because I discovered this today: if you use option in combination with tops and tails, it trims the shortest selectable segment — similar to the difference between T and option-T…

  • lpglycerine

    Sweet man, thank you so much for the tutorials!

    Here are some shortcuts I love:
    Turning on the Timeline setting for “Show Marked Waveforms” and then remapping
    “Audio Data”->”Sample Plot” from the timeline fast menu to the keyboard. Then when I want to see the audio between two points I just mark an in and out and hit the shortcut button.

    CTRL + Tab cycles through the windows in the Avid.

    Mark an In and Out in your timeline, then press ALT + CUT (Scissors). It will cut the material out of the timeline and place the subsequence into your source monitor. Similar results with ALT + LIFT and ALT + CLIPBOARD

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  • Anonymous

    The keyboard looks different from mine , I think it is beautiful.

  • Gin

    I always map PLAY TO OUT to 7. great for checking if the Out point’s correct.