3 December 2009 - 22:09#07: Kill Bill Effect

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In this episode, we’ll create a high-contrast, colorized look to an image — simply because it looks cool. It’s a great way to introduce somebody with a bang. Seriously, I have no idea why I call this the Kill Bill Effect, but I still like it, and maybe so will you!

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The Music used in this Podcast is Eloi Brunelle – Moch5. You can download this song for free from Thinner Netlabel.


  • Marc


  • baige

    Great work, I have just switched from FCP to Avid and it is refreshing to see good Avid tutorials.

  • agustingoya

    Great! Nice tutorial.

  • Hnieto81

    Great Tutorials!! Thanks so much!!!!

  • Joe

    I would call this the Guy Ritchie effect, or the Snatch effect.

  • Eavalos

    finally… some advanced tutorials!! gracias keep them coming

  • Mykecotton

    Great Tutorials, Really Helpful.

  • guest