14 January 2010 - 20:31#12: Animated Photo Slideshow

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In this episode, we’ll make a sequence of photos visually interesting by animating them into a slideshow of stacked photos that slowly fade away.

This episode features special appearances by my son Mika and René Hecht.

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The Music used in this Podcast is Gastón Arévalo – Austral. You can download this song for free from Thinner Netlabel.


  • Great job as always. Very enjoyable.
    Extra tips: You may use the Target parameter to further scale up the images, if you like… and maybe place them off screen at the first keyframe. Also, if you're not fond of the sliders to change values, there are buttons on the right of the Effect Editor Window which you can enable for some parameters. One of them is for Crop and you can then do this just by grabbing the the handles right in the effect editor window.

  • Marc

    Always nice how you present your tutorials, and I'll had to smile when you had to laugh.
    Regards Marc

  • avidscreencast

    Thanks Ben, these are great tips!

  • I like this site is very entertaining, I visit more followed.
    See you soon.