18 February 2010 - 22:22#17: Automate Title Creation with Marquee’s Autotitler

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So you have a bunch of subtitles or lower thirds to do. They all look the same, except for the contents. You’re not seriously considering doing them all by hand in Title Tool, are you?

Enter Marquee’s Autotitler, which is here to make your life easy. Honestly, if you didn’t know about this one, you will thank me sooner or later. And don’t be afraid of Marquee, it doesn’t bite! (It may confuse you, but it does not bite.)

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Learn more about Marquee in this Online Tutorial from Avid. It’s not as hard as it looks.

The images in this episode were provided by Johanna Thiel.


  • Ra-ey Saleh

    That has to be the coolest thing I've learnt about Avid in a while…
    Thanks for posting. Although I have a number of reservations about Marquee as a tool – mainly is woeful scripts and render – and with many more better Titlers out there – Heroglyph and dare I say Boris – this has actually restored some of my faith.
    Keep up the great work.

  • Vinnie

    This would have saved me so much time in the past. I need to integrate this into my workflow. Thanks

  • nfo

    Is it possible after doing that to automatically change the font on all title, if the Art director don't like the font? Or you have to redo everything by hand? And what if you animate it and have to redo it? You save your animate effect and apply it after replacing the title in the timeline?

  • avidscreencast

    Yes, you'll have to redo all the titles with the changed design. It's
    a pain, I know. If you have animated the title in Effect Editor, you
    can either save the effect to a bin and apply it to the new title
    after cutting it into the timeline or just overwrite key and fill of
    the original title with key/fill of the new title. This way, you can
    retain your original animation.

  • I now love this screencast, never have I seen so much in so little time, that will save me so much time. Confused? Thanks a bunch can't wait to show this trick off!

  • Moritz Lenz

    Thank you!

  • MNoller

    Nice trick,nthank you.nI used to make it with a template ni got an animated lower third backround and created a template withnthe titler.nTo keep all animation, i created a template sequence to c+p in my master timeline,nthen i opend the title tool from within the timeline to change the text by c+p from a text file.nnthe autotitler saves a lot of time, but how do i get the created titels into my animated template without rebuilding fade in and out and position animation ervery time?

  • Anonymous

    Hey, sorry for not getting back to you sooner.nnYou could create a graphic template and do the text in a seperate title. Not sure what exactly you’re trying to do, so I’m not sure I can wrap my head around this.

  • Pjher

    I’m learning Avid MC via the Trial version using OSX 10.7.4 and tearing my hair out that the Autotitler won’t let me rename the Text Boxes!u00a0nI thought it was because Avid MC hadn’tu00a0been updated for 10.7.4 (still) but your video shows differently!u00a0nMany, many thanks as I have potentially loads of titles to do!u00a0nGuess it must be a Mac thing as PCs seem to be able to re-title the text boxes very easily.nThanks again – I’m bookmarking your site right now!

  • Danny Rafic

    for some reason I cant import a simple text file into the auto titler. all text files are grayed out. what format should they be?