25 February 2010 - 22:27#18: Broken Projector Transition

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The big star of this episode is the new audio interface that provides great sound quality. Listen to the noise! Don’t hear it? See?

In other news, a good old transition that looks like your film projector broke down. Who wouldn’t want that? Especially if it’s so simple to do!

Download 480p | 720p

The song from this episode is Eloi Brunelle – Oberkampf, which is available for free from Tinner Netlabel.

The images in this episode were provided by Johanna Thiel.


  • RaeySaleh

    Another cool tip, and the audio quality was great.

  • Benjamin

    Great tip! Excellent example of making something cool out of what is initially just a simple push effect.
    Great audio too.

  • Dfbg Sdfsd

    Thanks for saving me a a life of time!!

  • Yoav Chaikin

    thats a good one tnx