18 March 2010 - 22:06#21: Tackling the Timewarp II

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In this episode, we’ll continue our deep-dive into one of the most powerful and most-used effects in Avid: The Timewarp.

We’ll cover the following basics in this episode: manipulating the Position Graph, rebuilding presets on your own, Default Render Settings.

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  • RaeySaleh

    Another cool couple of tutorials. You have a great way of communicating some complex ideas as well as picking subjects that are really useful and sometimes not covered very well or very often.
    Even though there are a number of Timewarp tutorials on the Avid site, they're pretty old and lengthy. You managed to condense a lot of info into 20mins. You even managed to cover 'slipping' and 'aligning' keyframes, as well as the Position Graph (an often ignored tool)! From now on I'll be directing Editors to these, instead of spending the usual hour trying to explain the Timewarp tool!
    You did suggest that a future tutorial might go on to explain how to edit FluidMotion effects, when they go wrong. This has been an onging request on the Avid forum, with most people finding it, quite simply, a nightmare as it's particularly badly explained in the manual. In fact, I know of noone who can actually do it successfully! I can fix some basic errors, but it's more luck than skill, so if you a skilled with this, then I'm sure a tutorial would be much appreciated by a lot of guys.
    Good stuff, Christian.

  • avidscreencast

    Hi Ra-ey,

    thanks for your kind comments.

    I'm definitely planning on doing the FluidMotion-Repair-Tutorial, but
    I also find it very difficult to achieve perfect results. It takes
    time and a lot of trying, and even then it's not perfect — better
    than before, though. So I hope you won't be too disappointed by the


  • RaeySaleh

    I'm sure it won't. Looking forward to it.

  • John

    Love the podcasts but not been able to access or subscribe using iTunes. Maybe I’m being a bit thick here as I’ve not subscribed to podcasts before. Do you have all your past podcasts available on a DVD as I’d be interested in buying a copy.nKeep up the good work.njohn@takeonetv.com

  • John

    Yep, I was being thick. Managed to subscribe at last. Would still like to buy a copy of your back library on DVD if available.nnCheersnJohn

  • Anonymous

    Hey John,nnyou can download them right from the website.nnChristian