30 April 2010 - 0:11#27: Color Correction Basics VI – Matching Two Shots Part II

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In this episode, we’ll continue matching one shot to another. We’ll do it manually, and we’ll use Avid’s curves.

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If you really want to learn about color correction, I strongly recommend Steve Hullfish’s “The Art and Technique of Digital Color Correction”

(Disclaimer: If you buy the book from the link above, I’ll get a small kickback from Amazon.)


  • I notice that you use the Master Gain, Gamma and Setup sliders. Is there a reason that you don't do the same functions using the Master Curve? I find it difficult to be precise using the sliders, but using the curve is quick and easy. Is there any difference in the corrected image?

  • avidscreencast

    No difference, use whatever you like best. I often use both methods –
    check out http://www.avidscreencast.com/asc23 for more :)