25 November 2010 - 15:26#48: Surveillance Camera Effect

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This week, we’ll make footage look like it has been shot with a surveillance camera by distorting and degrading it. Plus, when we switch “cameras”, we’ll make the image break up for just a fraction of a second.

Download 480p | 720p

If you want to manipulate your footage a bit further, try the Film Damage Effect from the BCC Effects category. Many of the option will not improve your result, but I like the Flicker option.

The idea for this week’s show comes from Evan Crichton of Veejo Digital Video Production:


  • Ra-ey Saleh

    Nice creative tut, Christian. Now I’m sure you know this but the ‘old school’ way to create white noise (and in case people aren’t running the latest version of the Audio Suite) was to go into Audio Tool > ‘Create Tone Media’ and then change the ‘frequency’ to ‘0’.nA fun alternative is to set it to ‘-777’…nAs I’m behind on my viewing and I’m watching the last 10 tuts in no particularly order…nForgive me if you mention this in one of your Audio Tuts (I’m working my way though these now)…nRa-ey

  • Anonymous

    No, I had absolutely no idea! Very cool, thanks for sharing.rnrn– rnSent from my phone. It’s got a rotary dial.