22 January 2010 - 1:41#13: Use Portable Applications

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Ever on an editing system that you can’t install software on? And all they’ve got for image manipulation is MS Paint? Get stuff done with portable applications that run off your USB flash drive!

Examples include GIMP, an open-source Photoshop clone, and Songbird, an iTunes-like music player.

A quick word on some changes you may have noticed: Avid kindly asked me not to use their logo or any variation thereof, so I changed the logo of the screencast. It’s less colorful than before, but I simply could not think of another color but purple that would fit.

Over time, I’m planning on changing the old episodes as well, so it’ll appear as though the old logo had never existed. It’s like the Soviet Union!

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Gimp Portable (Windows) – Okay, let’s face it: it’s a Photoshop clone, but not as good. But it’s free!

Gimp Portable (Mac) – And it’s also available for the Mac.

Songbird Portable (Windows) – Like iTunes, but with a couple more features.

Index Your Files (Windows) – a small and leightweight utility that quickly searches your files and folders

Wikipedia: List of portable software (Windows/Mac)

Portableapps.com (Windows) – Great resurce for portable Windows applications. They have a bundle with a start menu that you can install on your USB key, but you can also download the applications indiviually.

FreeSMUg: OS X Portable Applications (Mac) – Guess what: it’s a list.

100 Portable Apps for your USB Stick (Windows/Mac) – For more information on this link, see comment on link above.

Tinyapps.org (Windows/Mac) – This site looks like crap, but’s it’s actually a pretty decent resource listing a lot of portable applications for a lot of platforms.

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