27 May 2010 - 15:31#30: Audio Timewarp

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Everybody knows the Timewarp only applies to video. But what if you want to change the speed of your audio as well?

In this episode, we’ll do just that with the help of a couple of different AudioSuite plugins that come with Media Composer.

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Update: I had an interesting question come up at Youtube and thought it’s worth sharing:


Hi Christian,

ich have a short Audio Clip and use the Timeshift at 25% works´╗┐ great. But I found no way to trim the clip longer after that. So I only have 25% of the Audio Clip.

Thanks Tim

The answer:

Hi Tim,

you cannot trim the clip beyond its original edges, but here’s a workaround: Say your original clip is 1 second long, you wanna play it at 25% therefore make it 4s long.

Here’s what you do:

1. Mark the original clip +´╗┐ 3 seconds in the timeline.
2. Make an audio mixdown of the 4s.
3. Do the Time Shift on the mixdown.

Should work fine and get you the result you’re looking for.


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