27 July 2010 - 11:13Summer Hiatus

Everyone needs a summer break, right? (Did you notice how I didn’t use the word “deserve”?)

So the Avid Screencast will be on summer hiatus until September 9th, while I will enjoy a nice vacation with my girlfriend and the the two kids in Greece.

Until then, check out some old episodes. If you’re anything like me, you have forgotten pretty much everything by now, anyway!

And if that’s not enough, read through Freddy’s List of Relevant Avid Links, memorize every one of them, because there’ll be a pop quiz when I get back.

One more homework: Send me suggestions for new episodes, it’s really hard to think of new topics myself. And someone in the bus told me about crowd-sourcing and how it’s a good thing. Thanks!

Have a great summer! (If you’re in the northern hemisphere, otherwise: put on a coat, for God’s sake, you’ll freeze your nuts off! If you have nuts to begin with.)

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