28 January 2010 - 21:09#14: Spice Up Titles with Video

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Sometimes the good, old title with static text just doesn’t cut it. In this episode, we’ll make the text be another layer of video.

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The images in this episode were provides by Johanna Thiel.


  • Pete R.

    Much easier way:
    – create a title
    – open it with the “segment mode” (the red arrow pointing to the right)
    – replace the video track “Graphic Fill” with any video you like
    – done.

  • avidscreencast

    Well, not really. This way, you'd lose the emboss effect. For plain
    titles, you're right, though.

  • You lost me at “step In” How is this done?

  • Anonymous

    At the bottom of your timeline window, there’s two little arrows, onernpointing up, one pointing down. These are the step in / step outrnbuttons.rnrnMake sure your position marker is on the segment you want to steprninto, also make sure there is no video track selected above the cliprnyou wanna step into.rnrnClick the Step In button and you’ve stepped into the segment.rnrnYou can also double-click the segment to reveal the nested clip(s)rnwithin that segment.