25 March 2010 - 21:59#22: Color Correction Basics I – Laying the Groundwork

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In this episode, we’ll lay the groundwork for episodes to come, talking about scopes, what they mean and why you should always pay attention to them.

Plus: Everyone who uses the Brightness and Contrast controls should seriously consider changing his profession.

Sorry guys, but I had to split the episode into two parts, because it was just too long. So this one may be a little dull, but it’s important. Next week, we’ll get started for real.

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If you really want to learn about color correction, I strongly recommend Steve Hullfish’s “The Art and Technique of Digital Color Correction”

(Disclaimer: Purchasing the book from the link above will make me filthy rich. If you don’t want to make me go all bourgeois on you, buy the book from somewhere else. But buy it.)